Welcome to Mediterranean Beekeeping Forum



The Mediterranean Beekeeping Forum (MBF) was founded in 2007 in Foligno, city of middle Italy, on the initiative of Umbrian Bee Producers Association (APAU).

The foundations of the Forums are in the commonality of age-old traditions and experience that only bees, primordial task of humankind owns. An activity in which they live and today reflect the traditions and cultures of peoples because beekeeping is universally known and practiced, and honey is everywhere recognized as valuable and healthy food.
But beekeeping means not only honey production. The economic fallout of bee pollination produces on worldwide agricultural activities an incoming estimated about approx. US$ 224 billion per year (British Ecological Society, Leeds University).

The importance of bees is that they are the primary pollinators, therefore the main proponents of the continuity of life on the planet.
The presence of pollinators is crucial to ensuring biodiversity and the existence of plant species. Beekeeping is among the few human activity that has a ubiquitous and continuous capacity, fit to protect, sustain and increase biodiversity.

The constitution of the Forum was supported by the municipality of Foligno (Umbria,Italy), where now the Forum has established; by FELCOS UMBRIA (institution for the development of decentralized cooperation), UNDP (United Nations Development Program) and ART (Territorial and thematic Networks Support cooperation for human development) GOLD (Governance and Local Development).
Members of MBF are Beekeepers Associations and Cooperatives, Agricultural Syndicates, Public Entities, Municipalities, Academia.


Vincenzo Panettieri
President of the Mediterranean Beekeeping Forum